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  • AltPress: “I learned by going broke”—Brian ‘Head’ Welch talks new book

    Brian Welch’s life has been full of seemingly incongruent, if not altogether unlikely, identities: hard rock pioneer; MTV celebrity; rock radio hit-maker; drug addict; believer; single father; bankrupt. But perhaps the most incredible title in the biography of the man widely known as “Head” is author. Sure, rockstar memoirs are a dime a dozen, but this week sees the release of the guitarist’s fourth book, With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles And Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn. Now underneath “Discography” the dude has his own “Bibliography” section on Wikipedia. The new book details the decade he spent away from the band that made him famous, detailing everything from his solo band that became Love & Death, raising his teenaged daughter, dealing with personal and financial betrayals, his continued walk in the Christian faith up to his reunion with Korn in 2012. I caught up with Head to talk about his bankruptcy, the new book and the forthcoming 12th studio album from nü-metal’s pioneers.